When a wasp can kill you!

When a wasp can kill you!

It happened again. I just got stung again by a wasp and I am highly allergic.
For God’s sake!

After returning from a short intensive care in the nearby hospital, the third time so far, I thought I’d share some reflections:

Yes, I am fine, the combination of compassionate attentive ‘watering’💦🌱 and caring with ice cream and delicious plum cake🍰 from Daisy that followed the trippy mixture of highly effective chemicals (to prevent allergic shock) streaming through my veins, left me with quite a laid back feeling of expansiveness, relaxation and non-thinking.

Nice…maybe thats the drug based medical idea of enlightenment in the 21th century…?
Seriously though in times like these, despite a certain alternative lifestyle, you feel suddenly very aware and grateful of modern medicine!

It’s a interesting thing to realise, that you can die from a little insect which is all the time around you…at least in summer…(or, just imagine, a virus;) which is even smaller and you can’t see) and that you, in the blink of an eye, can lose control over „your“ Body completely.

He is just doing his own thing…
And „You“ or the so called „I“ has no influence on it at all…
The same is true with the mind. Although of course I had some thoughts of worry, they appeared distant and insubstantial and in no way “gripping” or able to explain anything or to give any “meaning” of what was happening.
Instead there was more a sense of a pertaining field of, one could say, presence, which seemed to be nothing special or specific.

I’ll have to ask Ramana Maharshi again on this 😀

In a certain strange way this experience was also very relaxing because there is nothing anymore to do,  to improve, to prevent or to do better or to change…the wasp has stung, the deed is already done…now you can only surrender to whatever may come.

Surrender is the one ‘action’ that can bring peace. To realise the fragility of life and the utter insignificance, from a certain perspective, of the “I” is a humbling experience.

It is really like this: the experience of life can end at any time, and “I” have no influence whatsoever about that. (in the same way I had no command about my birth).
I wonder: Am I not the center of the Universe? The focal point, the most important thing? Does not life owe me something? happiness, gratification, fulfilment of my desires, at least 80 years of having food, shelter, money and a so called “good life”?

So, wasps for me, are also a good reminder of that…a hidden fierce Zen Teacher…🐝

that Life is always a life-threatening affair and nothing can be taken for granted! …somehow within that notion, I suspect, lies the root of its immense beauty 🌼

In the words of the Poet Wallace Stevens:

is the mother
of beauty;
hence from her,
shall come fulfilment
to our dreams
and our desires

From that acknowledgement of the impermanent and unknown nature of life, springs gratitude, connection and compassion. It’s hard to feel grateful for something when it is permanent. It is soon taken for granted; it is always there. Something permanent is the most boring and constricted thing ever.

So I guess, it helps to see some aspects of life as they are and to meditate on them:

* we try in all possible ways to find something safe and permanent
(and on a certain psychological level this is needed)

* on a fundamental level life is an unknown mystery and impermanent

* on the same level Life is not a very personal affair. Life is universal
and we do know not much about it.

How the hell to open up and attune to that?
I think it is only possible when one allows the suffering of the individual separate existence in form of limitations, insecurity’s and fears, to be seen and felt.

Thats not to say that I regard myself as fearless. On the contrary. I have always had a palpable fear of dying. But if I look at it closer, it is more the fear of losing.
Fear of losing the experience of this life, the loved ones, the cherished feelings, the sensory pleasures. Of losing this very person I invest so much in.


The deep fear right on the bottom of existence of:
not to be at all.

How to walk on this edge: the abyss of death and annihilation on one side and the comfort of the known on the other?
I have no idea, but it looks like they are two aspects of one and the same thing!
And as long as we are not accepting death as part of the whole, we cannot fully experience life.
And as long as we are not surrender “myself” to life and death itself, we suffer!

As the Tao Te Ching says:

Return is the movement of the Tao
Yielding is the way of the Tao
All things are born of being
Being is born of non-being

I personally think people in older times had a much more acute awareness of the dangers and insecurities of life. But also, much more acceptance of that fact.
Just imagine: no antibiotics, a simple infected wound could mean death.
And I suspect that they were in some respect much more aware and alert.

Awareness comes with necessity.

Today, we have a virus (or wasps) and everybody for some reason thinks that this is somehow unfair,  that it should not be, that it is almost “anachronistic” in our high-tech time.
Well, maybe we need every now and then a reminder that we, as humans, are mortal biological beings and integral part of a greater organism called nature.
This realisation could even have a certain healing effect to our assumption that everything is in our control and command.

Meanwhile I retreat in the consumption of the aforementioned plum cake… 😋
…and i hope that the wasps will stay away!

Reconnecting to Nature: Wonder & Self Healing

Reconnecting to Nature: Wonder & Self Healing



Liebe Freunde, Yogis & Yogins, 

habt Ihr heute schon den Duft einer Blume aufgenommen, den Vögeln gelauscht oder kühles Gras zwischen den Zehen gespürt? Habt Ihr genossen, wie Wasser den Körper erfrischt, oder Euch für einen Moment in der Weite des Himmels verloren? Unsere Aufmerksamkeit ist unsere größte Kraft. Wo auch immer wir sie hinlenken, das nähren wir. Aber nicht alles, womit wir uns täglich beschäftigen, nährt auch uns. Durch spirituelle Praxis und Meditation verfeinern wir unsere Wahrnehmung und kommen in Kontakt mit unserer Intuition, die uns hilft, bewusster zu spüren, was uns gut tut und womit wir uns wirklich beschäftigen wollen. 

Es ist kein Zufall, dass viele Yogis sich in die Natur zurückzogen, um sich ihrer Sadhana zu widmen – in die Berge, Wälder oder an Flüsse. Die Impressionen, die wir in der Natur aufnehmen, harmonisieren den Geist und rufen subtilere Gefühle hervor, die uns auf dem Weg der Selbsterforschung unterstützen. Alles Leben ist die spielerische Manifestation von Shakti. Wenn wir das Spiel der Elemente bewusst wahrnehmen, dann verbinden wir uns mit deren subtilen Energien in uns selbst. Diese Verbindung bringt Heilung, Balance und lässt uns in einen natürlichen Zustand von Entspannung und Offenheit fallen. 

Wir zelebrieren die Schönheit und Fülle der Natur in den nächsten Wochen, und Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, dabei zu sein: to stop and smell the roses.

With Love, 

Jai Shakti Ma

Sundari Ma, mit Ralf und dem Soma Yoga Team


„Everyone should have themselves

regularly overwhelmed by Nature.“ 

~ George Harrison


Auf unserem „Healing Herbs Walk“ wirst du in einem wunderschönen Tal nahe Freiburg eine Vielzahl heimischer Heilkräuter kennen lernen. Die Verwendung von Heilkräutern in Küche und Hausapotheke ist eine wunderbare Möglichkeit, sich mit der Fülle und Schönheit der Natur zu verbinden und Selbstheilungskräfte anzuregen. Jede Pflanze verfügt über eine bestimmte Essenz und Energie (Shakti), die in ihr wirkt. Diese Pflanzen-Essenzen sind kostbare Heilmittel und unterstützen den Prozess yogischer Transformation. Um die Sommersonnenwende ist die Kraft der blühenden Heilpflanzen sehr stark. Sundari Ma stellt ein paar ihrer Lieblings-Kräuter vor und Du lernst, wie Du sie als sanfte Medizin verwenden kannst, um Balance und Wohlbefinden aufrechtzuerhalten.

Am 15. August wird es einen zweiten „Healing Herbs Walk“ geben. Inhaltlich anders, da andere Pflanzen blühen werden. Bei Regen wird der Kräuter-Spaziergang verschoben. 

Bitte frühzeitig melden, da die Teilnehmerzahl begrenzt ist!

Mitbringen: Wasser & kleinen Snack / Feste Schuhe / Notizblock / Unterlage zum Sitzen 

Datum: Sonntag, 12. Juli & 15. August, 15-18 Uhr

Kosten: 28,00 Euro, inklusive hausgemachtem Blissball

Anmeldung: info@somayoga-freiburg.de, 0761 285 3869

Foto: Rotklee, aufgenommen von Prema Landbauer. Juni 2020 ♥


„The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.“ 

~ Joseph Campbell


Outdoor Yoga Tag im Schwarzwald

Samstag, 18. Juli (ausgebucht) & Sonntag, 23. August, 10-17 Uhr

mit Ralf Schultz & Daisy Bowman

Good News! Nach dem wunderbaren ersten Yoga Tag, wird es zwei weitere Praxistage aller Aspekte des Yoga – Asana, Pranayama, Meditation und Mantra – in der Natur geben. Eine wunderbare Möglichkeit, die eigene Praxis und Reise zu vertiefen, Inspiration zu bekommen und sich wieder zu verbinden und aufzuladen nach der Lockdown Zeit – natürlich unter Einhaltung der vorgegebenen Vorsichtsmaßnahmen. Der 18. Juli ist bereits ausgebucht, aber Warteliste ist möglich!

Ungefährer Tagesablauf:

10.00 – 12.00 Uhr: Meditation, Mantra und Yogapraxis

12.00 – 12.30 Uhr: Soma Pranayama

12.30 – 14:00 Uhr: Mittagessen

14.00 – 15.00 Uhr: Talk, Dialog

15.00 – 17.00 Uhr: Yogapraxis, Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation

Der Tag wird nahe Gutach auf einem abgelegenen Hofanwesen durchgeführt (ca. 25 min. von Freiburg). Wir werden viel draussen im Kontakt mit den Elementen praktizieren, zusammen essen und Sein. Inklusive gesundem vegetarisch / veganem Essen und Trinken – gekocht von Daisy. Nur bei gutem Wetter!

Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl (max 8 TN)

Kosten: 70€

Für mehr Info, Anmeldung und Anfahrtbeschreibung:

Email an: info@somayoga-freiburg.de

oder T: 07685-9138097

Hier ein Blog Artikel von Daisy über den letzten Outdoor Tag: yoga-in-the-black-forest






Outdoor Yoga Tag für Yogalehrer

09. August 

Ein spezielles Angebot für alle interessierten Yogalehrer, egal mit welchem Background und welcher Tradition, um sich gemeinsam auszutauschen, zu praktizieren und zu verbinden. Mehr Infos bald!


„Filled with visor, filled with Soma, filled with energy that increases Ojas, I have found all the herbs for our well-being.“ 

~ Rig Veda


Soma Rasa – Ayurveda Basis Kurs

Selbstheilung von Körper & Geist


Nachdem wir unseren beliebten Ayurveda-Kurs wegen des Lockdowns verschieben mussten, freuen wir uns, Euch nun die neuen Termine mitteilen zu können!!

* 26./27. Sept 2020

* 31. Okt/01. Nov 2020

* 28./29. Nov 2020

Du bist auf dem yogischen Weg der Selbsterforschung? Du interessierst Dich für die älteste, holistische Heilkunst der Welt? Du willst dich selbst, deinen Körper und deinen Geist besser kennenlernen und ver­stehen? Dich interessiert eine ganzheitliche, spirituell orientierte Lebensweise? Du sehnst dich nach Selbstfürsorge, Selbstheilung und innerer Balance? Du suchst nach Möglichkeiten, loszulassen und neue Energie zu tanken? Du willst die Geheimnisse der ayurvedischen Küche erfahren? 

Dann ist diese „Study & Practice“ Kurs etwas für dich!

Mehr Infos: https://somayoga-freiburg.de/ayurveda-ausbildung/



Asato ma sat gamaya
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya  
Lead me from unreal to Real
Lead me from darkness to the Light
Lead me from the fear of death to knowledge of Immortality

OM Shanti Shanti Shantih







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Yoga in the black forest

Yoga in the black forest

A day of yoga in the Black forest

more than just a day of stretching in the open air


The clouds parted to just the perfect degree that enabled 10 of us to enjoy a day of togetherness and yoga outdoors, whilst sensibly bumping elbows in lieu of hugs.

Ralf led an intensive extensive practice in the morning, drawing together elements of asana, pranayama, meditation, and sacred sound.

I was cooking and chanting in the kitchen and was happy to notice the increasing glow and upliftment in everyones faces as they emerged from the practice.

After our hearty meal of Dhal, coconut, tofu & veggie curry, we had a walk up the hillside overlooking the valley. It started off in excited chattering but we all then agreed that we might miss it all if we continue to talk and talk, so entered into a comfortable silence, proceeding up to the top through the forest. Immediately as if in celebration of our silence, the birds sang louder and louder, and the wind and sunlight rustled encouragingly. 🐦

The afternoon began with a tiny piece of cake each ( as more yoga asanas were to come!) and a short but profound group consideration on the power of yoga to alleviate our daily tensions.

We considered the issues of physical pain, as well as mental stressors that many of us experience, and that some of us have discovered ways other than yoga asanas like flowing water, running and even jumping up and down on a trampoline… to bring us back to the present moment.

Ralf shared beautifully his experiences where opening up also to a sense of community outside of individual yoga practice; being supported and supporting others on the journey can help to bring the inner work to life and a new meaning and depth.


And what is this inner work? and why don’t we all just find a lasting sense inner peace by sitting in a river or sharing our problems with our friends
The meaning of yoga- (roughly translated as ‘union’) – feels to me like a deep process of integration through introspection. Body, mind, emotions which are not separate from the world that we live in. So it needs a different approach, a different space to be able to access our inner dimension.

Asanas (physical movements), and a time of dedication and discipline give us strength and courage as well as a healthy system which is in needed when we start to observe our deep rooted tensions and knots.

One participant shared that she has witnessed the direct impact of high mental stress on shutting down her immune system. And perhaps many of us experienced that ourselves too.

And when we start to look into our own shadows, it can feel intense and lonely – hence through the ages – a sangha or spiritual communities have come into being to support this process. Or, just as in our sharing, the feeling of sitting with friends who listen with a non-judgmental mind and an open heart.

Its not a case of spilling out our emotions and burdening each other, but more the cultivation of seeing one another through our layers, and connecting on a heart level with one another despite our quirks and baggage…

To be able to hold one another in a space of love, understanding and conviction that they are more than the sum of emotions standing there is a the work of deep compassion.


We entered the final part of the afternoon – first by chanting a mantra of remembrance and longing. Longing to know and touch the mystery of the heart which lies beyond the grips of our mind.

A meditative yin yoga session, and Om meditation left us all feeling uplifted, connected and enriched but the whole day together.

And THEN we ate a proper piece of cake each 

Thanks to all who participated at that day.

Love Daisy

There are just a few places remaining for the next yoga day in Gutach – on July 18th so please email info@somayoga-freiburg.de if you would like to join us.

More details on the website somayoga-freiburg.de/workshops.

There are also a just few more mats left as we reopen, starting with yin yoga with Christina. You can book the remaining classes via www.somayoga-freiburg.de/kurse-info.

If you want to explore more with us how you can deepen your inner connect through yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, then do email us…



A few days ago, a friend asked me what actually helps me the most to sail through turbulent times and integrate the inevitable changes that the awakening process brings about. An interesting question. There are of course many things that help me: being rooted in proper spiritual knowledge, the guidance of my teacher and trusting the working of grace; but what always helps me, no matter what is going on, is the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda. These holistic systems are intimately connected to the integral yogic path and provide maps for the unfolding of the great potential we bring into this life – in alignment and harmony with the forces of Nature.  

Vedic astrology, Jyotish in Sanskrit, is the Science of light. It is a way to inner knowledge, healing, and ultimately Self-realization. The art of connecting healing and astrology can be found in all great ancient cultures and has always been in service of keeping human life in harmony with the cosmos. Everything is intimately interconnected. Following the planetary transits in the sky reveals the movement of archetypal powers within our own psyche. We can explore that for ourselves and observe how the greater movements of Nature affect how we feel emotionally and energetically. Studying our astrological birth chart and being aware of the planetary transits can support us greatly to navigate the ups and downs of life skilfully. 

This month of June is considered to be a volatile month, as 3 powerful eclipses are ahead of us. Eclipses happen when either the light of the Sun or the Moon is veiled. The Sun in Vedic astrology represents the self and our personality, the Moon represents the mind. When the moon nodes Rahu and Ketu eclipse these luminaries, and swallow the light for a period of time, they immediately affect the way we perceive, feel and think. There will be a full moon and lunar eclipse on Friday, June 5th in the constellation (nakshatra) of Jyestha, the water sign of Scorpio. On the Summer Solstice, June 21st, there will be a solar eclipse in the constellation of Mrigashirsha, the air sign of Gemini. And on July 5th, there will be another lunar eclipse in the constellation of Purva Ashada, in the fire sign of Sagittarius. How we will experience the eclipse energies depends on the areas of our birth chart that are affected the most. 

Eclipses usually bring some form of unexpected change and transformation. Anything we start during these times can turn out strangely and we also may regret when we impulsively end something. Things may not be as they seem. You may be wondering why energies feel stuck. Perhaps you’re even doubting yourself or feeling frustrated around a certain area in your life. But we can use this time as an opportunity to pause, turn within and open to new perspectives. We can remember to be patient, invite change and consider readjustments in certain areas of our life. And when things don’t unfold as planned, we can respond in an Aikido-style manner and become creative with what we have. 

During eclipses, it’s best to stay indoors, eat lightly, rest and take it easy. Watching these phenomena outside should be avoided, to not expose ourselves to these energies. Travel, being in crowds, starting something new is also not recommended during that time. But for yogis, eclipses can be doorways. They offer the possibility to catch glimpses into areas that are usually hidden within consciousness. Spiritual practices during the time of an eclipse – meditation, prayer or mantra chanting – have powerful effects. When we tune in and align with these energies, there can be beautiful revelations and insights that easily emerge from the depth. 

May we sail through this period with vigilance and curiosity, and trust the unfolding! 

With love and light,

Sundari Ma

Image: Wiltrud Doerk, thunderstorm captured in Corsica

When a wasp can kill you!

When a wasp can kill you!

It happened again. I just got stung again by a wasp and I am highly allergic. For God's sake! After returning from a short intensive care in the nearby hospital, the third time so far, I thought I'd share some reflections: Yes, I am fine, the combination of...

The Conspiracy of the Mind

The Conspiracy of the Mind

The conspiracy of the mind
How the mind creates our world: A yogic perspective

Ralf Schultz

In times of crises the urge to find out the reasons behind the current situation produces an almost frivolous joy in suspecting there must be a form of conspiracy behind it all.
And actually i think that is quite right.

There are many hidden agendas, desires and interests operating behind the scenes on many levels which are not seen on the surface.
This is how the world functions, and this is exactly how the mind functions…in every one of us. Our deep thoughts, motivations, fears, hopes and ambitions remain largely hidden.
From the yogic view the world is a manifestation of our deep convictions, ideas, opinions, values and choices which have their roots in the mind.
The mind here in his collective aspect which creates and upholds manifest reality.
But of course, the collective mind is composed of many individual minds and here we have the opportunity to start the inquiry. Everybody can do that. In ourselves.

And the first point to consider could be:

* Maybe it is of great importance to find out with what ideas we feed our mind
   and as a consequence to clearly see what we carry in our minds.
* maybe it is also important to become aware of the effect ideas and theories and outer impressions
   create in us.
Maybe that is fundamentally even more important than to find some “truth” in the outward sense.

Although current conspiracy theories can be quite educating, stimulating, enlightening even, and at times entertaining, however, they almost always drag us down and result in propagating and feeding our “lower tendencies”, mostly fear, resentment and an overall strengthening of the egoic self.

The features that conspiracy theories seem to have are:

– they are based on something that sounds reasonable and convincing, as it could be possible.   
   (and who knows, maybe they are…) and we suddenly see evidence everywhere.
– you can’t really prove them (or disprove for that matter…)
– something or somebody is there to harm us and we are the victim.
– they activate deep inner feelings of suspense, doubt, mistrust and also perhaps resentment.

The working of the mind

The mind in its general setting is not always effective at finding out “how things really are“ whilst there is a strong identification and psychological need.
In this condition we tend to use our outer involvement and conviction to strengthen separation and unwholesome mental patterns through the handy projection of our own inner stuff.
We will always stay on very shaky ground if we make the opinions and stories of the conditioned mind to the base from where we operate.
That said, it is also true that some narrative is somehow needed in order to function as human beings, at least to some extent. It seems to be the case that narratives can cause damage to ourselves and others – when born out of a psychological need – while other such patterns may lead us towards clarity, understanding and love.
The latter is only possible if we begin to loosen the grip of the conditioned mind and tap into what the yogis call the “unconditioned mind”.

Primarily uncovering the working and mechanics of the mind is absolutely essential if we want to know ourselves and how the „world“ is, because on a fundamental level there is no difference.
One could even say: the world is as you see it…or as your mind is seeing it.

The 3 Minds
The outer mind (called Manas in yogic terms) is the reason the world is always as we see it. Or better, how we have unconsciously at some point chosen to see it. And if we get stuck in that we are bound and restricted.
On the level of Manas, each moment the mind interprets incoming sensory impressions, filters and translates it according to the accumulated storage in the unconscious and presents us with a coherent picture of the „world“, well, at least a ‘special’ version of it based on the already known, so that we feel on safe ground. We never really “know” how the world really is but experience it as a kind of interpretation. Manas works mainly in two categories:
like and dislike or classically stated as attraction and repulsion.

Of course this mechanism is somehow needed on a daily basis. As human beings we deep inside know that we are also very vulnerable and the unknown is always there waiting. And potentially in the unknown is chaos, danger and threat…

And perhaps we have a sense of a certain inevitability that we will have to experience at one point or another in our personal lives:
accidents, sickness, old age, breaking of relationships, ultimately death.
So, an extremely fast reaction is needed to find out if there is a possibility of danger.
The mind one could say functions here as a bastion against possible threat and disaster. On a daily basis mainly through seeking security, comfort and pleasure and avoiding the unpleasant

The Inner mind (Buddhi)
The higher rational function, the higher cognitive abilities of the mind is the intellect which translates the interpretation into abstract categories of judgement, moral values, justifications, strategies, theories, complex opinions and explanations and hierarchies. Buddhi can bind or attach us even more to the story the mind creates or it can function as a means for liberation through its ability to see through and the power of true intelligence e.g. discrimination between the transient and the essence.

Bondage and suffering occur when we are identified with the mind to such an extent that he becomes the ruler of our lives.
Or, to say it differently: there is no space in us. No heart, no participation, no softness and compassion, no surrender, no feeling of togetherness.
We experience ourselves as fundamentally separate from “others” and life in general.
We believe everything we think and feel and have strict opinions of how things are or should be.
This is torture. This is a ruthless dictator in our head which can be projected outwards or to ourselves…
Or to say it again differently: we are so afraid of the unknown that we cling desperately to that what our minds offer: A safe haven of explanations and ideas about us and the world…however strange.

Freedom – the unconditioned mind
Freedom comes into the picture when space occurs, space which is essentially empty and unconditioned as such and which is said to be the nature of the mind.
Sinking back in its own emptiness, vastness and silence the mind becomes an instrument again.
Useful but not the ultimate ruler.

How to do that? Here are just some ideas from Yoga and Ayurveda

1. Activation of the observer through contemplation, introspection and Meditation.
We actually really can observe our thoughts, feelings, opinions, emotions.
This is the way we start to create space within.
We will soon find out that the mind operates fundamentally always and on default as a big conspiracy theory itself.
It is a kind of organic computer who follows certain rules and algorithms.
The same old ideas, feelings, emotions, clouded in the old patterns of belief and assumptions with no real base at all. Just thoughts…
At the same time we see the creative power of the mind: it can create heaven or hell and can potentially believe anything.

2. Developing awareness for sensory input
the mind needs proper digestible intake for a balanced functioning. Positive and
wholesome stimulation on all levels through right food, reading, watching, listening, company and rest is essential. Overall negativ input, too much noise, too much violence through movies and mass media, general overstimulation is best avoided. Intake and reconnection to Nature, fresh air, positive thoughts and uplifting company is promoting balance and joy in life.

3. Coming back to feeling
we begin to give more attention to the underlying emotion, feeling and energetics than the thoughts itself.

4. Learning to live with uncertainty

This means slowly allowing ourselves to rest in the unknown, without the need of “knowing”.

5. Self-Acceptance
A gradual cultivation of learning to acknowledge and accept ourselves, our fears, feelings of guilt, feelings of not being good enough, our anger… or whatever we carry in us.
this needs of course some honesty, to really see, ok, “this is how I feel, this is how I am!”

6. Nothing is permanent.
Contemplate and begin to accept and realize on an experiential (non-intellectual) level that everything will change and ultimately has to die.

7. Life is one and we are that
We realize that everything is connected and something greater (you can call it Life) than our personality moves us and lives through us, as us.

Ok, dears, this is not meant to deny the need for change or to see the unsustainable outer life and society we created. G5, Monsanto, industrial agriculture, the destructive power of big corporations, the exploitation of nature and the endless greed for more…all that is there.
But one can see that even more clearly when we first reconcile and accept ourselves and the outer world, as one!
If we see that we may become more careful about the choices we make, which products we buy, which values we follow, which life we want to live.
We may get interested in organic farming, Yoga, Ayurveda, vegetarian diet, meeting people who are interested in supporting friendship, tolerance and love, traveling more with the bicycle, creating sustainable business ideas…this is very individual and each one of us has to create his own expression which will inspire and affect friends, people, communities, towns, states, and the world…there is no separation

And some of us may have to uncover the mechanics and workings of the “bad guys” out there. If that is your calling, go ahead. Inform us, open our eyes with the “story behind the story”. If our inner eyes are open this will not distract us or feed our alienation but fuel our determination and desire for freedom and truth – and this is perhaps the best way to care for the earth and one another.

Om Namah Shivaya!
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!

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