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privater harmonium-unterricht

mit daisy bowman

Lerne heilige Chants und Mantras kennen, lerne sie zu singen und auf dem Harmonium zu spielen. Wir werden die korrekte Aussprache der Sanskrit Verse üben und du wirst die heilende und transformative Wirkung der Mantra Praxis erfahren!

Dauer:  60 Minuten
Kosten: 50€ oder 3 monate abo: 200€ fur 5 sessions
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Learn Harmonium with Daisy Bowman - A Course for Yoga teachers + free tutorial!!

You will learn:

  • How you can use the harmonium as a profound meditative accompaniment from day 1. 
  • How to chant Om, Bija mantras accompanied by the harmonium
  • How to open and close a yoga class with invocation and mantra. 
  • The Basic anatomy of the harmonium & troubleshooting
  • What to practice & How to master the basics 
  • The 6 core chord system ©  – a foundation to unlock the whole keyboard 
  • How to play without distracting stickers & sheets of paper falling everywhere
  • How to find any chord without your notebook to hand (giving you freedom to play spontaneously when the occasion arises) 
  • Finding your authentic voice and expression with the support of the harmonium
  • Mantras as a meditative practice, invocation (i.e in yoga classes), and of course:
  • KIRTAN! 3-4 beautiful kirtans which you can play, sing and share 

Harmonium Freedom - 4 week online course for yoga teachers

with Daisy bowman (english)

The next 4 week online intensive course starts Wednesday 23rd November

Harmonium Freedom is a step by step journey to be able to play
and unlock the possibilities of the harmonium to accompany you on your journey of spiritual evolution.

Over 4 weeks of daily guided home practice you will understand and integrate the fundamentals of playing the harmonium so that you can experience freedom in playing, singing, sharing, expressing yourself and meditating with the harmonium as your companion. 

How it works

The course is organised into 4 modules in 4 weeks. Each of these consist of prerecorded video material and handbooks which are broken down day by day. Each morning you will be sent the videos of exactly what to practice.  Each day, you will build on the skills that you learned in the previous day. The course is completely flexible - you can practice the material any time during your day according to your own schedule. 

Weekly live coaching calls
Each week we will meet as a group for a coaching call. This is an opportunity to clarify any questions that may arise as you proceed through the material. These will take place on Wednesday evenings and begin one week after the course starts. 

Private facebook community
Although you will practice independently, we will support each other throughout, within a beautiful closed facebook group. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your progress, questions, practice videos and to get inspired by others on the course. 

Who is the course for?
This program is for anyone who has ever had a wish to play the harmonium or who wants to embark on a journey of a deeper exploration of sound, mantra and kirtan. 

I am not musical at all - will the course be suitable?
This course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those with some musical experience. The material will take you step by step through what you need to know to gain a strong foundation in playing the harmonium. 

Do I need a harmonium?
Yes! But if you don't yet have one - simply send us an email and Daisy can advise you on choosing the best harmonium for you.

Is the course completely online?
Yes! However if you feel you would also like to have an individual lesson, you can arrange this with Daisy at Soma Yoga Studio.