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Soma Yoga Newsletter

Dear Yogi (ni) s & friends,
Like many of you, we are closely monitoring the development of the corona virus, especially in Freiburg and the surrounding area. The global situation confronts us collectively with fears, uncertainty and unwanted changes and concerns us all. Every day we receive news of new measures that individual communities and countries take to weaken the spread of the virus. It is important to inform yourself and
to check trustworthy sites. However , we can (and should) focus our perception right now on what is life-affirming and positive.
Too much contact with negative news alone can have a toxic effect on the body and mind.
For everyone on the spiritual path, this situation is almost a test that calls us to bring what we have learned and practiced over the years into our everyday lives. Holistic healing methods come to the fore and the importance of taking personal responsibility for our emotional / mental well-being and health. Focusing on self-care and your own practice is what we can do now to clear our bodies and minds of stress. We cover these aspects in the courses and teach yogic and ayurvedic practices that strengthen the immune system, balance the mind and can easily be integrated into the daily routine. We will also share more in this regard on facebook and in upcoming newsletters. From an Ayurvedic point of view, any illness arises from an imbalance in our constitution, which gradually weakens the immune system and makes it susceptible to pathogens. We can now draw attention to all the habits that are not good for us and establish those that are in harmony with the wisdom of nature and our intuition; a 
Daily yoga practice, meditation, nature walks, lots of laughter, relaxation, limited time on social media and home-cooked, warm meals are a good start.¬†This situation also has the potential to shake us up so that we can individually and as part of the global human family re-evaluate which values ‚Äč‚Äčare really important in our lives – it has the potential to bring us closer together …¬†

At the moment our Soma Yoga gates are wide open and all our courses and workshops continue as planned. The entire team does everything to ensure that all rooms are clean and clean. However, we ask for the implementation of a few very practical steps that can help to ensure that studio operations do not have to be restricted until further notice. 

We ask you not to come to yoga classes or workshops if:


  • cold symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose or shortness of breath appear
  • Your immune system is weakened
  • You have been in contact with someone who is infected
  • You were recently in a risk area (Alsace is now a risk area)

Please observe the following hygiene measures in the studio:

  • ‘Namaste’ instead of hug, handshake or kiss
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap before the lesson
  • Stick to the cough and sneeze etiquette
  • If possible, bring your own yoga mat
  • We have disposable towels and disinfectants in the studio

If you cannot come for health reasons, please contact us by email so that we can extend your card. 

We send a 
 from the heart to all of you Рmay we navigate individually and collectively well through this challenge, allow change, support each other, remain in our strength and keep in our hearts that everything is going on in one (s) consciousness. 

Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu
May all beings be happy and free

Sundari Ma, Ralf Schultz & the entire Soma Yoga team
* * * 


Igor Kufayev¬†– Sundari Ma’s spiritual teacher – will¬†offer a free online darshan¬†on¬†March 28th from¬†4-7pm¬†on:


Deeper Dimensions of the Coronavirus & the global Health Crisis

The darshan is open to everyone, you can register here and gladly share it with your friends: 
Trust in God, but tie your camel first …

– Arabic Proverb


Yoga workshops & kirtan in March 2020



Soma Bhav Kirtan, Mantra & Meditation
  with Ralf & Daisy

  March 20, 6:30 Р8:30 p.m. 


* Transformational Teachings of Igor Kufayev –¬†¬†¬† ¬†
   Meditation Gathering with Sundari Ma     
   March 27, 6:30 p.m. Р9 p.m.  


Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama & Meditation 
  with Ralf

  March 28, 10 a.m. Р12.30 p.m.
Yoga & Voice Workshop & Mantra Singing Circle
  with Kirbanu

  March 28th

* Energies of Transformation – Navaratri Women Gathering
  with Sundari Ma
  March 29, 10 a.m. Р5 p.m.


  More info:  

Asato ma sat gamaya
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
Mrityor ma amritam gamaya  
Lead me from unreal to real
Lead me from darkness to the light
Lead me from the fear of death to knowledge of Immortality
OM Shanti Shanti Shantih