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A few days ago, a friend asked me what actually helps me the most to sail through turbulent times and integrate the inevitable changes that the awakening process brings about. An interesting question. There are of course many things that help me: being rooted in proper spiritual knowledge, the guidance of my teacher and trusting the working of grace; but what always helps me, no matter what is going on, is the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda. These holistic systems are intimately connected to the integral yogic path and provide maps for the unfolding of the great potential we bring into this life – in alignment and harmony with the forces of Nature.  

Vedic astrology, Jyotish in Sanskrit, is the Science of light. It is a way to inner knowledge, healing, and ultimately Self-realization. The art of connecting healing and astrology can be found in all great ancient cultures and has always been in service of keeping human life in harmony with the cosmos. Everything is intimately interconnected. Following the planetary transits in the sky reveals the movement of archetypal powers within our own psyche. We can explore that for ourselves and observe how the greater movements of Nature affect how we feel emotionally and energetically. Studying our astrological birth chart and being aware of the planetary transits can support us greatly to navigate the ups and downs of life skilfully. 

This month of June is considered to be a volatile month, as 3 powerful eclipses are ahead of us. Eclipses happen when either the light of the Sun or the Moon is veiled. The Sun in Vedic astrology represents the self and our personality, the Moon represents the mind. When the moon nodes Rahu and Ketu eclipse these luminaries, and swallow the light for a period of time, they immediately affect the way we perceive, feel and think. There will be a full moon and lunar eclipse on Friday, June 5th in the constellation (nakshatra) of Jyestha, the water sign of Scorpio. On the Summer Solstice, June 21st, there will be a solar eclipse in the constellation of Mrigashirsha, the air sign of Gemini. And on July 5th, there will be another lunar eclipse in the constellation of Purva Ashada, in the fire sign of Sagittarius. How we will experience the eclipse energies depends on the areas of our birth chart that are affected the most. 

Eclipses usually bring some form of unexpected change and transformation. Anything we start during these times can turn out strangely and we also may regret when we impulsively end something. Things may not be as they seem. You may be wondering why energies feel stuck. Perhaps you’re even doubting yourself or feeling frustrated around a certain area in your life. But we can use this time as an opportunity to pause, turn within and open to new perspectives. We can remember to be patient, invite change and consider readjustments in certain areas of our life. And when things don’t unfold as planned, we can respond in an Aikido-style manner and become creative with what we have. 

During eclipses, it’s best to stay indoors, eat lightly, rest and take it easy. Watching these phenomena outside should be avoided, to not expose ourselves to these energies. Travel, being in crowds, starting something new is also not recommended during that time. But for yogis, eclipses can be doorways. They offer the possibility to catch glimpses into areas that are usually hidden within consciousness. Spiritual practices during the time of an eclipse – meditation, prayer or mantra chanting – have powerful effects. When we tune in and align with these energies, there can be beautiful revelations and insights that easily emerge from the depth. 

May we sail through this period with vigilance and curiosity, and trust the unfolding! 

With love and light,

Sundari Ma

Image: Wiltrud Doerk, thunderstorm captured in Corsica

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