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von Mai 1, 2020Ayurveda, Ayurvedische Rezepte, Inspiration

The fresh smell of elderflowers is simply wonderful. If you have not enjoyed elderflower tea before, you will rediscover your love for this incredible healing plant. The aroma is like wet dew and has a charming sweet fragrance. Once you sip it, things slow down and you feel embraced by tranquility. The flowers are great for relieving stress and one of the best natural remedies for flu and viral infections. In pagan traditions, the elderberry is associated with the Great Goddess, who brings forth all life, protects it and reabsorbs it. Every old farmhouse in Germany had its own elberberry bush nearby which warded off any negativity and was not allowed to be cut down. Elderberries are in full bloom here at the moment and I’m bringing in my harvest for the coming year. Maybe you are inspired to do so too. Please let me knowÂ đŸ™ŒđŸŒâœš

Love Sundari Ma

Ayurvedische Rezepte

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